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A responsive web and mobile app aiming to connect between professionals from the architecture and interior design field and their clients.

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The challenge


The Interior design and architecture field in Israel is thriving, many people are asking to build or renovate their houses and there are also plenty of professionals in the industry. Pickinteri's goal is to connect these professionals and their clients.

The Solution


Pickinteri is a platform showing all the relevant professionals for people who are in the process of renovating, building or dressing their homes. Pickinteri works as an index of the professionals that are most relevant for the user's project and needs, you can see the pro's projects, view their rates or just gather some inspiration.

The Homepage


A strong and clear call to action on the upper fold of the page makes it easy for the user to understand what he should do to start his search, an explanation on each kind of service, a collection of projects and the design styles categories. this way, no matter what he clicks on he will start seeing related projects.

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The professional's page


The category page is a platform for the professionals to create a space that reflects their work using pictures, recommendations and contact info.

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The project page


The project page shows pictures and info about the project and the creator.

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The search tags


The search tags direct and help the user with his search by suggesting different filtering options.

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The mobile version


Responsive design

Search results page

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Project page

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professional page

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Side menu

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