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Walls magazine


Walls magazine is a well-known home styling, architecture and interior design blog.

The website is a design platform that features designer's projects and quality content from Israel's interior design scene presenting the concepts, the processes and the outcomes of Israel's most beautiful homes.

The process


The client wanted an holistic solution for his product including a brand identity - logo design and branding, and the design of the website including the UX and the UI.

The goal


T​he goal was to create a product that will serve both readers ​who are interested in interior design and related content and designers who want to be featured on the blog and expose their work, the important thing was to create a platform that will serve the content in the best way possible and will allow the reader a user friendly experience.

visit the project's website at:

The brand



Artboard Copy 2.png

The Homepage


The homepage shows different kinds of content structures such as the hero image that represents the magazine's latest post, older posts, and 'where to buy' section that show + buttons on the pictures and allow the reader to find out where to get the products by clicking on the + button on the product.


article page


The article page contains texts and large images. The + on the pictures allow the readers to find out where are the items are from and even buy the product (depends on the seller)


category page


The category page filters the different kinds of content types on the blog.

category page 2_2x.png

THE Mobile version


Responsive design

Home page

homepage opened menu.png

Article page

post page mobile.png
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