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Su chef is a recipe organizer app aiming to create a 'one stop shop' where the user can keep, sort and view his favorite recipes quickly and easily

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application design

UX research

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Su chef app was created as my final project in a UX UI course conducted by Sagi Shreiber.

We were asked to find a problem (could be the slightest one) and design a digital product that gives a solution for it.

Back then I had just finished my Maternity Leave, in which I had been searching for recipes for my baby girl and my family, I kept running into recipes in FB groups, Blogs, websites, books and more, and a lot of times when I ran into those recipes I was in the middle of something else, and it wasn’t the time to cook, I wanted to save the recipe for later but didn’t know how…  sometimes I sent it to myself via email, WhatsApp, Google keep, screenshots, etc… and then, when I wanted to cook something I wouldn’t find them, I was frustrated and hungry…


I made a research and found out I wasn’t the only one that had that problem, and not only mothers for babies had it, but a lot of cooking lovers as well!

So I decided to design an app that will become a one-stop shop for cooking lovers, a place where they can save their recipes, read them comfortably while cooking, find inspiration and follow their friends and favorite figures from the culinary world.

Welcome to Suchef, your kitchen helper!

The problem


All cooking lovers know the feeling of the clutter created by having all of their recipes in so many places like screenshots saved on our phones, emails sent to us by friends or by ourselves so we end up having so many recipes but not knowing where they are and where to find them when we want to cook.

Solution and Goals


When i started my research it was extremely important for me to create a product that will have something new, I saw that there were a lot of recipe organizer apps but they didn't suit my vision. My goal was to create a product that will become a home for cooking lovers, a place where they can save their recipes, edit them, create their own recipes, have a comfortable recipe layout while cooking, search for inspiration and view what their friends are cooking.

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A the modern 'recipe box' - this is what my recipe collection looked like- a mess!

Users research

Q: When running into a recipe you like on the web and want to try out, where would you save it? How would you return to it later on?


Q: when it comes to saving your recipes, what is your biggest challenge that's preventing you from accessing them easily?


In order to understand the problem, and the users needs I conducted a survey using Google Forms and had 45 cooking lovers answer it. Here are some of their answers and data I collected:


Do not save their recipes in one place


Answered that their recipes are not organized in one place and they would have been happy if they were.


Said They would use a recipe organizer app if they had one.

Existing User Story

Desired User Story

The Persona


When it comes to saving your recipes, what is your biggest challenge that prevents you from accessing them Easily?


The fact that they are from different sources and that they are not saved in one place.



Easily access to all my recipes and a place where i can easily find good recipes quickly. This way I can focus on cooking for me and my family and not on looking for recipes again and again.



I have no control of my recipes,

I can't go back to the ones I love and know, I feel like I have to search them over and over again. 

Wireframes sketches


The Product

Main Features and onboarding


Sign Up

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Found a recipe that looks nice but now isn’t the time to cook or bake? Easily save it for later.

Su chef will import the recipe's content including text, videos, and photos to your saved items, so you can reach out to it when ever you want.

Save a recipe from the web as soon

as you come across it right into Su Chef

My Recipes

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Easily view the important recipe information while cooking

A comfortable recipe layout showing the ingredients list, step by step instructions, and even a TLDR version.

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Edit and change recipes to your liking

The cake was too sweet? change the ingredient list or any other thing on your recipe.

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Create your own recipe

You can write down a recipe and add pictures, this way you can take a picture from a friend’s recipe book or even invent your own.

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Add a recipe by creating your own recipe or search the web

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A none supported recipe format case

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Explore new ideas and find out what your friends are cooking

Find ideas and inspiration by connecting with your friends or favorite figures to discover their culinary world


Recipes feed


Future features

Send a recipe to a friend

Co-writing a recipe with more users

Shared groceries list

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Thank you!

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