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A calendar and a tasks manager combined in one application. Manage your tasks, events and notes and drag and drop them into your calender.


Ui ux

application design

Taskendar is a project created in a UX UI course conducted by Sagi Shreiber, its a combination of a calendar and a task manager app inspired by the bullet journal technique.

The Problem


Everybody has to-do lists, it’s shown in a lot of researches that making such lists create a sense of lightness and control when having a lot of tasks and things to do or remember.


Normal calendars are mostly full of dates, meeting, and events that are very structured into time boxes, but life is often more filled with tasks, notes and little things we have to do at a certain day/week/month. The problem is that our to-do lists are not connected with our calendars.

The Solution


I wanted to create a tool that will allow people to ‘spill’ their ‘little things’ such as notes, things to do and events into their calendar with a simple drag and drop.

The distinction between Tasks, events, and notes is inspired by the bullet journal technique and helps the users distinguish tasks we have to do and might migrate with us from day to day until we do them from events that are time anchored and notes that are more of a reminders to ourselves.

Group 35.png




an Elastic Timeline schedule


When entering the app you will see today's items. You can easily see your events, tasks, and notes on a day/Week/Month view by switching from the d/W/M menu or pinching your timeline.

Group 6 Copy 15.png
Group 6 Copy 16.png
Group 6 Copy 17.png

Zoom in and out and switch between day, week, month display by pinching the timeline or picking from the d/w/m menu.

Group 24.png
Group 23.png
Group 22.png

filter the items to view all items, events, tasks and notes.

Group 26.png
Group 27.png

Showing: events, tasks and notes

Showing: events and tasks

Group 25.png
Group 28.png

Showing: events and notes

Showing: events

Tap on the square to check an item.

it will remain checked on your list

Group 34.png

Tap on the X to remove an item from your list. It will automatically move into the archive.

Tap on the archived checked item to activate it and move it back into your list.

Tap on the turquoise dot to bring the item back to your list

Create a new event/task/note

Group 6 Copy 19.png

Sticky menu - scrolling mode

Group 6 Copy 23.png

Edit an item

Group 6 Copy 20.png


Group 6 Copy 24.png

Add a sub item

Group 6 Copy 21.png


Group 6 Copy 22.png
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